Artúr Szalatnai- Slatinský, 1931

A small architecture in front of the frontage of the historic Spa Hall. A subtle concrete disc supported by thin concrete pillars on an elevated platform. This small building is a music pavilion and material heritage from the times when entertainment and live music were an inseparable part of spa life. In the early 1930´s, the pavilion was built by the architect, who designed several abovementioned buildings in the town during this period. The architect Szalatnai-Slatinský used an exclusively functionalist language, minimizing all features of the building. Despite its subtlety, the modest pavilion appears noble in the area of Spa Hall. Inspired by its efficiency and elegance, an identical pavilion was built later in the town park in Žilina. The building still stands in its original shape and place, the only thing it lacks is music and a joyful crowd of spa guests sitting in front of it.