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OFF SEASON is a book dedicated to a monument of modern architecture – the Machnáč sanatorium in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia. The Machnáč sanatorium ranks among the most precious works of architecture built in Czechoslovakia in the interwar period and is a significant representative of European functionalism. It was designed by the Prague architect Jaromír Krejcar (1895–1950). The architectural solution of this unique building is a celebration of technological and social progress, embodying its author's humanistic vision. The Machnáč sanatorium was first opened on June 1, 1932, included in the first register of national cultural heritage of Czechoslovakia in 1969, closed in 2002, and has been abandoned and decaying since.

The story of this significant functionalist heritage has been the target for the artist group Abandoned (re)creation and their activities for six years, they have created a variety of site-specific installations to honour this building. These activities build up the fundamentals of the contents and illustrations accompanying the book's expert texts. The OFF SEASON publication is a textual and visual reflexion of the phenomenon of the icon of Czechoslovak functionalist architecture and European avant-garde, as well as an insight into the personal life of its author, architect Jaromír Krejcar. The idea of the publication came up from the photographer Andrea Kalinová and the architect Martin Zaiček in an attempt to immortalize the cultural and historical value of the Machnáč sanatorium, whose fate and survival are currently unclear. Besides them, other texts were submitted by the Austrian architecture critic Jan Tabor, the Swiss architecture historian Klaus Spechtenhauser and his Slovak colleague Peter Szalay. The role of the professional editor was taken by the Czech critic of art and architecture Petra Hlaváčková; and the graphic designer Magdaléna Schery and photographer Peter Kuzmin, Radana Somorová, Andrea Kalinová took care of the visual aspect of the book.

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