author unknown, realization after 1965

The Pramenný dvor is a sanatorium, formerly an accommodation facility, sealing the dead end of Ľudovít Štúr street. A classical historic three-wing building with a central transversal corridor used to be a popular typology for sanatoriums and accommodation facilities at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Similar interior arrangement can be found in villa Viktória and Pavla located on the same street. In the 1960´s, it was necessary to build a direct entrance onto the upper floors of the sanatorium, in order to meet the needs of visitors’ comfort and to raise the quality of treatment care. In that time, a discussion was culminating about the vision of disabled facilities, which could enable a safe and roofed transfer from accommodation into the outpatients´ clinics, spa procedures and public spaces. Bridge passages started to appear, their central junction was in the nearby sanatorium Pax. Pramenný dvor was interconnected with the neighbouring Esculap by a bridge on the first floor and on the opposite side from the interior corridor closer the sanatorium Pax, there was a small, though interesting, pavilion, which still has the inscription of Pramenný dvor. This seemingly trivial building consists of a staircase and a lift, but it is formed with rounded corners, located between the original Pramenný dvor and villa Slávia, is a clear reference of first-republic functionalism of the nearby sanatorium Machnáč. This relationship broke up recently, when a sloped roof with bright red ceramic tiling was installed on the white vertical line of the modern Pramenný dvor. Its form which used to be sensitively arranged into its environment, was shamefully degraded.