Milan Michal Harminc

project 1930, realization 1931-1933

At the time of its birth, the Teachers´ Choir House stood solitary in a field at the town periphery. Its architect Harminc composed a multi-floor object, because of the narrow building plot at the foot of the Klepáč hill and the high capacity requirements at the same time. It is the only building in Trenčianske Teplice projected by Harminc. Teachers´ Choir House is also one of a few constructions, which Harminc created in a more-or-less pure spirit of modernism. The main feature of the frontage is a portal with an entrance staircase and an overhanging marquee. On the ground and first floors, there are day areas of the canteen and the choir´s clubroom. The higher floors host accommodation units of various standard, which reflects in the irregular segmentation of the house´s mass. The house was built and it still serves the needs of the choir – recreation and training sessions of its members. A sporting area and a garden in the acclivity of the Klepáč hill are an interesting part of the building. The slope is connected with the house by a footbridge over the service courtyard, which might have been built later together with the boiler room. The terraced garden, reinforced by rough tooled stone blocks, and the tall greenery create a contemporary atmosphere. The path across the garden leads to an abandoned swimming pool with a nice view of the town valley.