Vladimír Fašang

project 1969, realization 1979

At first sight, today´s hotel Slovakia makes the impression of a smaller sister of the neighbouring sanatorium Krym. Similarly, the facade is horizontally sectioned by a transversal parapet. However, here it surrounds the building from all four sides. The square ground plan with service area in the middle opened a possibility to direct all rooms for 180 guests to all four sides. The four floors of the accommodation part slope pyramidally, similarly as in the Krym, but in the opposite direction, which creates an interesting composition of a dialogue between the two buildings. Today´s Slovakia used to be called the Jalta, which indicates another connection with the neighbouring Krym. They both started to form in the late 1960´s, but the Jalta was passed into service later, probably due to the absence of medical and balneotherapeutical part, which is essential for running a spa. The architect Fašang used an unconventional technique of prefabricated skeleton elements, jutting onto the facade as consoles bearing the circumferential loggia. The concrete parapets and the industrial appearance of the prefabricated construction is softened by the ground-floor platform of the day part of the hotel, which is tiled with white limestone. A spacious summer terrace opens the hotel into the area of the square and spa promenade.