Swimming baths "Zelená žaba" (Green Frog)

architect: Bohuslav Fuchs                                                                                                                                                           contractors: Adamec, Strebinger, Trenčianske Teplice

projects: I. object 1935 – 1936, III. object 1936, II. object 1937
realization: 1933 – 1934

The complex of this thermal swimming area is an organically formed work of mature Functionalist architecture, with great sensitivity to the natural surroundings – one of the architect’s best achievements. It was constructed in the late 1930s, during the greatest flourishing of the thermal spa of Trenčianske Teplice, on a south-facing slope above the spa area, with thermal water piped upwards from the valley. Construction was divided into three stages. Building I contained all of the main operational spaces, including a pool of 33.3 x 12 m. Building II was a bowling alley, and III a children’s area with a shallow circular pool. In the design, Fuchs devoted great attention to the enrichment of his previously highly austere Functionalist forms, and used pure, artistically refined means to create a work of functional clarity that fitted organically into the surroundings. The rich colours and range of materials emphasises the architectural richness of the baths; the structural framing is subtle yet also fully load-bearing. The ‘Green Frog’ is one of the great works of late Czechoslovak functionalism, and was regarded by the architect as one of his two personal favourites.

Swimming baths were closed in 2001.