A spa park is an inherent part of each spa. A typically English style of garden used to add  value to the balneological services of the spa. The large park in Trenčianske Teplice is seemingly a continuation of the forest from the side of Grófovec hill and also from the side of Klepáč hill. The park is a sophisticated example of the 19th century romanticism’s aspiration to include nature in people´s lives. The 18-hectare park spreads at the bottom of the Teplička stream valley. It is bordered by the lake at Baračka in the east and by the edge of the central town zone in the west.

This part of the town is rich in modernist architecture monuments, despite the historic character of the area dominated by ostentatious buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, for instance the former sanatorium Lipa, Salvator, Hubertus, residential villas Venezia and, of course, the Spa Hall building. The functionalist buildings, which are significantly different in form, like Villa Ria, music pavilions and the church, are part of a group of architectures in the park reigned by one of the greatest monuments of Slovak architectures ever: Sanatorium Machnáč. Enjoy the calm and recreational atmosphere of the spa park. Pamper yourself with a few stops of the Park trail and allow enough time and space for yourself to explore the details of modern architecture. 

Villa Ria (around 1930)                                                                                         

Kursalon (Spa Hall)  (Bohuslav Fuchs, 1935)                                                                             

Small hydro power station (unknown author, 1909)                                                  

Evangelical church (1930)                                              

Sanatorium Machnáč (Jaromír Krejcar, 1932)