author unknown, builder Josef Lešák                                                                                                                                                                  around 1930


In spite of its modesty, Villa Ria represents one of the best examples of modern architecture in Trenčianske Teplice. The original owners must have been attracted to the development of the spa and bustling social life in the Spa Park and Spa Hall´s surroundings, when they decided to build a house with temporary lucrative accommodation here. The author of the building is still unknown, but an enthusiastic research will by all means bring the answer to the question in the future. The details and features of the house´s architecture obviously correspond with the modernist tradition represented by the Vienna architect Adolf Loos. The seemingly symmetrical composition, with a projected central part including a loggia on the first floor, is gently disrupted by the sunken entrance on the right-hand side. After walking up a few stairs, the visitor feels invited to rest on a built-in terrace sedile. The sunken entrance is counterbalanced by an offset window on the left, which is the only opening on the front facade that has no balcony. The window panels are particularly noticeable – their robustness and rigid triple segmentation is softened by the lyric colour of a green and white sash. The delicate shape of the facade´s material and details is visible mainly by the play of sunlight and shadow during sunny days. Having original windows, fence, and a maintained garden, the house is preserved in its original condition, which contributes to the unified nature of its architecture.